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HypoPARAthyroidism Association and HPA Medical Advisory Board Physician Pamphlets

Standard of Care Guidelines have been Published in JBMR

  • This is a medical alert card that can be printed off and taken with you for the E.R Doctors and Emergency Medical personnel. We recommend that you fill them out and laminate them for added protection.

  • This handbook gives an overview of basic
    facts about HypoPARAthyroidism, its
    diagnosis, and typical treatment options.
    While this handbook contains important
    information about HypoPARAthryoidism, the
    patient's individual course of testing,
    treatment, and follow-up may vary for many

  • Basic information on the many different types of Genetic HypoPARAthyroidism. We have also provided information on how to obtain free genetic testing for all know causes of HypoPARAthyroidism at this time.

  • PseudohypoPARAthyroidism is characterized by an inability of some portions of the kidney to respond to
    parathyroid hormone (PTH), which is termed resistance to PTH. This condition is associated with low serum levels
    of calcium and high serum levels of phosphorus but unlike other forms of hypoparathyroidism the PTH level is high
    rather than low. There are several different types of pseudohypoPARAthyroidism, types 1A and 1B, type 1B, and
    type 2.