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World HypoPARA Awareness Day

1st Annual Virtual "Walk" Around the World!!

World Hypoparathyroidism Day is June 1, 2018

Is there somewhere you want to go and just walk?

A Sandy Beach?   

    On the Moon? 

        Climbing Mt. Everest? 

            Walk through a National Park?

Most of us with hypoparathyroidism have a hard time doing simple things like taking a walk, which leaves us dreaming of about what we can’t do instead of what we CAN do.

There are still endless possibilities!

This World Hypopara Awareness Day, join the HypoPARAthyroidism Association and HypoPARA UK in our 1st Annual ‘Virtual Walk Around the World!

We would like pictures of what you can or want to do. To show we that while we are rare, we are not alone on this important day of our lives, please wear blue to say “I’m Here Too!!” 

On or before June 1st, post your “virtual” walk – let people know where it is, and how you are doing it (are you walking, climbing, running, or jumping)?

Please post to any (or all) of the following social media sites, use the #hypoparaday2018:

  • HypoPARAthyroidism Association Facebook page (@hypoparaassociation)
  • Twitter (@HypoPARAassoc)
  • Instagram #WorldHypoparaDay2018
  • World Hypopara Patient Group on Facebook (

We can’t wait to see you living your dream!!