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Patient Stories

Share you experience with HypoPara. We want to hear all about it - the good, the bad, how it all happened and what your life is like today.

A Caregiver's Story

A Caregiver's Story

I am not actually a warrior. I am the daughter of one. And I’m here to get the caregivers to tell their story. My mom was diagnosed with Hypoparathyroidism in November 1998. I was born August 1999, just 9 months later. So I was actually born thanks to my moms Hypopara. I really don’t know any different. My whole Life it seems my mom was always taking calcium or having a calcium crash or just sick. She is sick a lot. I never really understood that not everyone takes so much calcium or has calcium crashes. I just know sometimes my mom was too sick to do things. I mean she always tried her best. I was a competitive cheerleader and that meant travel every weekend for 3 months each year. She was always in the crowd and I always made sure to find her. But sometimes she couldn’t go and that was fine because my dad would take me or one of the other cheer moms. And then In 2016 she got really sick. She had a calcium crash that landed her in the Er for a few weeks. I was at camp but even when I came home I didn’t visit her. And then once she got home I saw how sick she was yet tried to act like everything was okay. Then I saw her working hard to find answers and the best doctors. I watched her turn it around. She became stronger and I started learning. I’m

Not saying it took my mom to almost die to open my eyes, it was watching her fight. Watching her try and give it her all. And now here I am today motivating her to start a workout routine which she’s being doing for a few weeks now. And I am proud of her. I see her fighting. I she her trying. And I see her helping others. So this message is for all the caregivers. To share your story. Because it’s not easy. I’ve been watching and living it my whole life. And now my life path is to help people. I’m going to start chiropractic school this summer and hoping to help those who need my help. Stay safe and healthy and keep being inspirational warriors!