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Patient Stories

Share you experience with HypoPara. We want to hear all about it - the good, the bad, how it all happened and what your life is like today.

Bridget's Story

Bridget's Story

I have hesitated to share this story on Warrior Wednesday.   It seems I have a lot of aspects of Hypopara which differs from most of you.  One of these unique experience was my education years.  Mind you we only had a two paragraph book on hypopara.  In a 1950’s medical book! I always knew my learning issues were calcium related.  I felt it was crucial to share.  This is a short condensed edition of my experience.

Growing up on every single report card I received said I had trouble focusing.  I realized in adult life it was brain fog.
I was told I was not college material in High School.  I was stuck in special Ed.  I didn’t need to be at all.  But the special Ed teacher told us every day we wouldn’t amount to anything.

I didn’t think to report that back in the day. The High School couldn’t diagnose my learning disability.  I passed my IQ tests.  My strongest still was writing I found out recently.  I went through my old IEP reports.  Which shocked me I always was told my writing wasn’t good.
The school didn’t support me at all.  Was upset when I spoke with speech team teacher.  Asked her if I could join speech team.  The school was so angry with me.  It was where I gained a lot of new skills & learning opportunities. 

I realize in college Hypopara impacted my learning.  I would study for hours.  If calcium was off I didn’t pass tests.  In the end I have an associates degree, and a BA 4 year degree.  I want to say to the parents who have children with hpth, Take time to diagnose what their learning issue is.  Also test calcium levels whenever they struggle passing tests.  Or if they struggle staying focused. I would adventure onto testing for learning disability.

It’s hard once you end up with a label it never goes away.

If it turns out it is calcium related learning issues.  I would still suggest some type of IEP.  Ask your Dr for standing orders.
We didn’t have any info to help my Mom and I. Once I had standing orders in college.  I tried to maintain my levels as much as I could.  By having frequent lab work done. It was a long process.  I think if we had knowledge we have now.  My whole education would have been better.